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Today a bar weighing several hundred kilograms went missing: Not an april fool!

The whacky bar in the main room of the former club had several flaws; Not only the drain pipe still carried some remnants of its former contents, the beverage pipe lines also were partly filled. At least where these liquids hadn't run behind dividing walls and the floor they would drip out of the lovelessly cut ends that were lying around everywhere. The sticky, smelly conglomerate of disgust had really been soaked up by the ply wood elements of the bar thus macerading the wood to unrepairable extend. Colonies of wood fungi seemed to be flourishing underneath the counter where it had been dark for a long time.

Eletronic devices had carelessly been removed with a crowbar (without actually been taken out of order); During our work we even found some uncleaned ash trays and half used-up liquids for the missing devices...

Because we intend to have a bar in the future social room we are going to keep parts of this really bizarre piece of furniture in order to clean, restore and reuse it in memory of it's past.