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Lounge uninstalled!
The former social room is being emptied and recycled mono-material.

the second bar had to move in favour of all the steel and iron that had been unmounted from walls and the ceiling. Especially because it seemed to be another paradise for a bandwith of fungi cultures that would have impressed every mycologist it had to be kicked out of the club by our bouncers Gerald and Michael. Similar to the main bar the fleeing pre-tenants grabbed everything of value without any regard to consequences and left everything else where it was - such as the beverage pipe lines that had been forgotten beneath the concrete floor, or (unwashed) cutlery and dinnerware that they had left in the sink and in the bar.

In an attempt to pull the smelly beverage lines out of the floor and the wall and give that area some fresh air we dismantled the bar in its pityful condition. Not only because it hat been exactly above the hole in the ground, but also because it had become way to wet and soaked in old drink to be anywhere close to being repairable.

Unfortunately even the nicely designed seating arrangement in that room fell victim to rust and fungi and - hurting us wood friends a lot: The beautiful hardwood parquet that had previously been painted black in an act of vandalism is wavy and breaking where the fungal blossoms grow out from underneath through tiny cracks. It breaks when you walk on it without being careful and it has become brittle and even started to rot in some places it is hence completely worthless...

 In another step we took the large mirrors that had been mounted holohedrally with silicone glue (apparently for eternity?) off the drywall and removed the mineral wool behind it from the (interior-) wall.