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Cutting the mustard: A couple tons of steel, previously sawn out of the mineral wool wood in careful labor started their journey of recycling today.

With the goal of disposing of the interiour in an ethically correct way we extracted all the interior furniture from the whole club and carefully dissembled it into handy pieces, before seperating everything into different piles.

The steel and iron piles was becoming too big lately, so we decided to get rid of it. Unfortunately the gateway of the house is so small, that the customary way of industry, namely grabbing everything with a big claw on a huge truck, was not an option. Our neighbors kindly sponsored their parking space so we could dump the material for some time, since we had to carry everything from the basement to the yard and load the small flatbed truck several times in the yard manually.

In a changing line-up of eight people we needed five hours yesterday, sunday, and another seven-and-something-hours today to get everything out and on the truck. We'd like to express our thanks to the many helping hands that volunteered for work: The six powerful men and the two strong women who really mucked in with a lot of energy and enthusiasm!