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Now with this mineral wool police razzia one of the physically more straining missions in dismantling the remains of club "Ska"

In our particle-proof anti-everything suits we cornered and bagged the big heap of mineral wool and hard fiber isolation boards and then compressed the big bags. Like dung beetles we rolled them up the stairs and in the yard where the waste management people picked everything up. After we had cleaned the floor and had some space for our ladders again we could take off the mineral wool that had been nailed to the ceiling of the vault.

The long hours of work in these body suits, above our heads and with bare hands resembled a mixture of furnace work and old-men gym activity: Real sweaty on the inside and unintentionally funny on the outside. Our epiphany at work with this harmful-to-everything substance:

If there is a christian hell, it's not on fire. It's just really warm there, because everything is neatly isolated in dusty mineral wool.

Here is a short movie of the process with some music that is almost as funny as doing the whole thing: