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EBM/Oldschool EBM



Muscles on the Move - the dynamic Dj-duo from Carinthia and Styria delivers what their name promises. Their music is influenced by EBM and Oldschool EBM and is full of energy.

Tommy, homegrown in Klagenfurt, creates the sound for MotM and Christian alias "funker" from Graz is the voice of the duo. The humourous lyrics are created together, their motto is:

There is enough "evil" and "serious" Oldschool EBM in the world, we don't need to follow this, for us is fun of primary importance!

Their style can be shortly described as minimal and accurate, strong and proud. But the audience needs an extra portion of phantasy to understand their messages.

In 2014 they released the EP "Weihnachtszeit" (Christmastime) to give a first insigth into their music. In 2015 followed the LP "Schön" (Beautiful), where they express their ideas and messages through meaningful music. MotM is influenced by bands like DAF, Nitzer Ebb, die Krupps, Frint 242, Laibach, Spetsnaz, Frontal, Bodystyler and many more but they always watch out for their own style.

The duo already performed live in Graz and Vienna and works ambitious on further projects. Be excited about the future!




Muscles on the Move on facebook