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Electronic Body Music


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2013, the year in which EBM finally was invented anew, despites all odds. Something hithertho unknown, stomping beats, humourous but brutal presented with strong feeling: That is SadoSato.

The two gentlemen from Graz sway between lyrics of apparently no sense at all and sociocritial content, always keeping up what makes the crowd go wild: Their inveterate performance as an energetic duo of jesters.

Their first two publications "Electronic Body Mädchen" (EP, 2013, nasaomusic Graz) and "Electronic Body Mörder" (LP, 2013, nasaomusic Graz) were intentionally made as records well suited to dance to, transporting a light bulb moment, as well as a serious amount of fun and sociocritical lyrics:

Kongomädchen, is a steam hammer for more tolerance and against racism, the first EBM track that takes a clear position on how this subculture sees these things. Arbeitermädchen shows deficits in women's work. Sicknesses of this century like sexual waywardness or the Borderline Syndrome are touched in the same way as arrogance and disdainfulness and "normal" society loses out against the black scene.

Furthermore, no lesser band than Sturm Café became a fan of the boys from Österrike through the German interpretation of "scheissnormal"

The famous nonsense that fans love so much, including massive earworm potential is something you can also feel through your speakers. Oldschool-NoSchool-NewSchool-Electrotrash beats it's way from your ear to your legs when the electro rappers SadoSato charge for fun and bruises. Who ever didn't know SadoSato from Graz knows them NOW!

All of their records are available as Slimcases and downsloads in our Onlineshop.



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  • LP "Electronic Body Mantra" (Demoalbum limitiert auf 100 Stk. / ausverkauft)
  • "the undestroyable disease Vol.I"
  • "Charity-Sampler Care Vol.1"