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Ladies and Gents,

Once again the Styrian youth culture is going meet at the "Ball des Steirischen Schwermetalls" to celebrate their showcase of heavy metal art, music and culture!

Drums will be reforged under the power-hammering of several drummers, guitar strings will be torn to shreds and the bass will bend smoothly right through your stomach - live from the big melting pot "Explosiv". At the end of the day the cooking pot will turn into a real furnace of Styrian Heavy Metal!



VVK: Eur 10,-
AK: EUR 12,-

Get your pre-sale ticket at any of the bands, directly at the venue or at Zentralkartenbüro or at Tick-Tack!

Special offers:

  1.  Get in before 6:30 pm and safe 2€ on a ticket or pick a goodie from our goodie-pack!
  2.  Come dressed in traditional Styrian clothes OR as an industrial steel worker and safe 2€ AND get yourself a free drink!