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Touching the Middle Ages

Apart from the "more modern" tradtitions (such as carpentry by chain saw, iron beer brewing and sausage eating, etc.) visitors of the Styrian town's birthday party were also frolocking in the 

little medieval village that the local association "Memento Mori" had built up on the meadow vis-à-vis to the town's church, across the Zetzen creek, in memory of the somewhat long past of the little community. The village featured art, craft and acting - and a still nameless bagpipe band was accompanying the scenery with a few pieces from their repertoire.

The Middle Ages live

With a lot of experience in their historical garments the enthusiastic members of Memento Mori from Graz do, what a lot of people have been doing as their trade a couple of hundreds of years ago: Hand craft like pottery, embossing leather or the crafting of jewellery could be watched in the making, or even tried out by the braver visitors. The fine puppet theater which played a couple of times that day was not only for the entertainment of the kids; Yet more interesting things to look at and touch in the little tent village were the more or less historical toys, art- and everyday objects and of course - the mandatory collection of weaponry and and armour that was put on display.

Piping the bags

Evening out their not strictly historical garments with volume were the bagpipers that had been sent out to accompany the scenery audio-visually by the Johann-Josef-Fux Conservatory in Graz. Two bagpipes (more accurately huemmelchen, the smaller and less persistent sister construction of the well-known large scottish bagpipe), a davul drum (a bid, low drum with real skin) and some percussion the troubadoures gave an hourly performance from their collection of generally known bagpipe music. The starting trouble with the intonation of the bagpipes that resulted from the humid and cold air (a really bagpipe unfriendly condition) and nervosity before their first show went away with a break-through of the sun in the afternoon.

Everything being said, this was an extremely nice folk fair with a lot of happy faces, young and old alike.

And don't forget:

When the hour get's 'round/
The baggypipes will sound!