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Heathen Metal from Vienna



ALPHAYN was formed in 2013 in Vienna with one goal in mind: a 100% devotion to music! The quintet stood– with only one small lineup change – from the beginning together on stage, not only as band members but above all as friends.

The highest mountains, the crystal clear streams, the deepest forests, the shining sun and the cold moonlight inspire their music. They sing about the Nordic Mythology and our responsibility towards the nature. This all represents Alphayns own interpretation of Heathen Metal.

Since last year the band has a new member and a new instrument: a hurdy gurdy, which gives their music even more mysticism and uniqueness.

In 2014, after an eventful year full of gigs, Alphayn released their first LP „Heimkehr“ with “Origin Audio Studio”. Right now they are working on their second LP which should be released this year!