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Melodic Death Metal



A live act by Rest In Fear is pre-destined for a night to remember: energetic, full of of feverish excitement and amazing stories to tell. It is with no doubt a concert that will last for more than one night, not only because of the remarkable neck pain and a bunch of deep thoughts that the audience will take home. The members of the band perceive their music as a center of a young and socially critical movement of contemplative individuals, and understand their music as a counter-measure to both, naive depoliticization and the right-wing demagogic misuse of the musical youth culture.

Rest In Fear’s music is defined by catchy guitar and keyboard hooklines, a fast-paced second guitar and rock-influenced baselines. Another defining feature is the resolute rhythmic mix of vocals and  drums, both of which range from traditional metal styles to progressive experiments. Their musical style is an amalgamation of the members’ individual musical influences, best pidgeon-holed as some sort of Melodic Death Metal. Since 2009, Rest In Fear has been performing live in Austria and neighboring countries in various clubs and venues and is a seasoned participant of international festivals (Metalcamp 11/12, MetalDays 13/14), now touring with their second LP “Shallows Deep” (G Minor Records).