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Technical Death / Black Metal



Seduced impress with precision, mad speed and forceful lyrics: The vocalistic duo is made up of the mighty depths of Svarts growls and Norgrimms hellish screams and deals with classics such as humanity's profound abyss and death, as well as sociocritical content such as (anti-)religiousness or freedom of speech. In a strong mix of technical Death Metal and Black Metal the furiously fast fast riffs of Dominik and Craig combine to melodic duetts, accompanied by Nordger's machine-like drum staccato. Infernal Death / Black Metal directly from hell!

In 2011 Craig and Norgrim founded "Seduced" from the ashes of their former project "Menneskeeter". Nordger (d), Dominik (git, Ex - "Exanimalis") und Svart (vox, "Nightforest") joined the band later. Their first full-length album was "Slay The Fucking Jesus Christ" (2012, Cursed Records; Recording/Mix/Master: Markus Weber; Musik/Texte: Craig, Norgrim;). During their work on the album they published a tribute cover for Jeff Hanneman (Slayer) "Angel of Death", a first track that featured both voices, Norgrim's and Svart's.Their first show in current line-up was celebrated in Villach at "Winterschlacht" (2013), "Eine in Teich Festival" (2013), "Noisepollution Festival" (2013), "Raise for All Festival" (2014) and "Kaltenbach Open Air" (2014) followed.

Their current  LP "The Proclamation" (2014, G Minor Records; Recording/Mix/Master: Craig Hauser; Musik: Craig Hauser; Texte: Svart, Norgrim;) was released september 30th and is available as jewelcase and download in our Onlineshop.