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Heathen Foray - LP: "Inner Force"

10,00 € each Weight: 50 g
Width: 125 mm
Length: 140 mm
Height: 10 mm
Brand: Heathen ForayHeathen Foray

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Heathen Foray - "Inner Force"

Heathen Foray (Überfall der Heiden) haben mit dem dritten Studioalbum "Inner Force", stilecht durch das Rufhorn die Horde erneut zu Raumzügen mobilisiert. Diese Musik verleitet dazu als Teil der Horde mit dem Mjölnir um den Hals, ein Trinkhorn im Halfter und literweise Met in die Schlacht zu ziehen.

          Faraz B. Leilabadi, music-news.at

"Inner Force" ist der dritte Studio Longplayer der Pagan Metalband Heathen Foray aus Graz.

  • Edition: Jewelcase

  • Veröffentlicht: 13. September 2013

  • Spiellänge: 48:15 min.


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Heathen Foray - "Inner Force"

Breaking down the music itself, the kickoff to the album, the title track “Inner Force”, really sets the tone of the album with beautiful acoustic guitar work, all leading into a hard-hitting, groovy metal tune. The harsh vocals pair nicely with the galloping music behind them, but when those clean vocals came in for the chorus, I got the chills. They’re relatively monotone, but the overall roundness and near eerie feel to them is addictive. Don’t even think about asking me to pronounce it, but the third track on the album “Weisheitskrieg”features amazing lead guitar lines that melt so seamlessly into the rhythm of the verse riffs. The vocals are a rough barking style for the majority of the song, but they work really well with the overall drive from the drums. This song is one of my favorites on the album, as it is so in your face, but just like that it’s over and you have to hit replay. 

Some of my favorite moments on the Inner Force are conversations between the string instruments, thanks to top notch production and the ability to actually hear bass lines (check out “Glut Zu Flamme”). They talk so well, and transition perfectly from the lead, more melodic and soaring sounds, to the extremely fast and dynamic verse riffs. The vocalist also proves a nice range from his harsh cookie-monster style of “Mei Laund” to the beautiful, and much slower beginning to “Wizards Life”. The song picks up into a jaunty death metal tune (bet you never thought you’d see those words together), but that intro with the clean singing and strong vibrato is absolutely chilling. 

This album is an all around fun melodic death metal album, though the band prefers to call themselves “heathen” metal. There are some repetitive moments and some silly lyrics here and there, but the music is phenomenal and has an amazing ability to make you want to dance and head bang at the same time. For fans of Ensiferum and Amon Amarth especially, you’ll easily get some real enjoyment from the album, so please, support the band!

- Mattie Jensen, metalwani.com


"Inner Force" is the third studio LP by Pagan Metalband Heathen Foray from Graz, Austria.

  • Edition: Jewelcase

  • Released: September 13th 2013

  • Playlength: 48:15 min.



01. Inner Force
02. Illusion
03. Weisheitskrieg
05. Glut zu Flamme
06. Mei Laund
07. Ragnaröck
08. The Wizard's life 2013
09. No mercy


Produced by Heathen Foray and Tom Brugger 

Recorded during Winter/Spring 2013 by Heinz Sitzwohl at Rockstudio. 

Mixed and Mastered by Tom Brugger at Rockstudio. 
Coverillustration: Fabrizio De Rossi 
Grafikdesign: Sonja Breiteneder


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